Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Hardworking Child/Children Contest

Kerja yg dibuat oleh anak che'..Insyirah Husna. Rajin budak ni..orang menyapu, dia pun nak menyapu, org masak dia pon nak masak, kita basuh baju, dia pon nak tolong gak..Yang tak tahan tu, punyala nangis sebab nak masukkan beras dalam periuk gak macam ummi.Hmm..umminye yg maleh nak tgk air mata anak berjuraian pun bagila periok kecik utk dia masak nasik gak..Habisnye, berterabur le bijik2 beras kat lantai.Anakku owh anakku..macam2 gelagat. Ape2pon, ummi loves u ok;)

My checklist..
1-  You have to be my follower in "Transformed Housewife" and "Crazy Abt Contests " blogs. DONE
2-  This is open to all Malaysian bloggers. If you are currently residing in other country, please provide an address in Malaysia if you are named one of the winners.OK
3-   Please put up the banner at the sidebar and in your entry with the link to this entry. DONE
4-   Choose the best photo of your child/children/nephew/niece/younger brother/younger sister that is/are doing something or busy helping you doing any tasks at home (if you have more than one, submit only one photo that include them all or just choose one of them). DONE
5-  Your child/children/nephew/niece/younger brother/younger sister must be in the range of 0- 6 years old. OK
6-  You are encouraged to tag 2 or more of your friends. (this is OPTIONAL)
7-  Leave the permanent link to your contest entry here in the comment box after you have published your entry.DONE

I've done mine. Kepada sesape nak join, sila ke sini. ye.

My Hardworking Child/Children Contest


  1. boleh tolong upload banner contest kat entry? kalau tak de banner dlm entry penyertaan dikira tak lengkap. kalau dah betulkan, sila maklumkan ye.

  2. can u please send me the copy of one of these photos to my e-mail by tomorrow (15th Feb 2011)?